When my older brother was in year 9, despite being on antibiotics, he got a stranger to buy him and his mates some drinks from the local bottle shop before they went to a local school fete. There, in the bushes somewhere, he drank a full bottle of Real McCoy bourbon. Long story short, he ended up having to go to hospital and get his stomach pumped, my olds were livid and he missed going to watch the live taping of Recovery the next morning. He missed seeing Dylan Lewis awkwardly host the most important show for Australian adolescents in the late 90s, and he missed a live performance by Regurgitator or TISM, or Gerling, or Custard, or whoever it was that particular episode. It’s the single biggest regret of his youth, so I’m getting him this amazing 20 year anniversary CD/DVD box set to constantly remind him of that for his next birthday. Good onya, Joey. – shop.abc.net.au

Mike Jennings