A Sneak Peek of O’Neill’s “THE O’RIGINALS” Series

“These are the people Jack O’Neill developed the brand for, way back at inception.”

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A fresh little concept out of O’Neill is this here THE O’RIGINALS series, which will be three mini-docos on young surfers doing things their own way, examining the influence surfing has had on their lives. The three O’RIGINALS are gardener Lachie Rombouts, who grew up a two hour bus ride from the ocean but can charge his new local when it gets generation-defining swells with the best of them, design student Dan Johnson, who built a shaping bay under his mum’s house and has started hacking away at his own original designs, and artist Billy Bain, who’s moved to the gritty city streets to pursue his dreams of being an artist, stoked out to hit overcrowded weekend slop whenever he can.

“These THE O’RIGINALS films are about examining the influence surfing has had on these guy’s lives, how it affects the choices they make and the way they want to live, and ultimately, who they want to be,” says Vaughan Blakey, who has creative directed the series. Sick one!

The first short comes out next week.

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