Dorian, Parko, Occy, Bain, Tom Carroll, Brad Gerlach, comedian Steve Allison, and more!

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The first ever Aint That Swell live edition is apon us. With details of a full tour of live shows to be released soon, we’re blessed with this star studded warm up to the debauchery to come.

Ain’t That Swell goes LIVE from the 22nd Annual Billabong Burleigh Bogan Degenerate Single Fin Extravaganza! Featuring a panel of absolute core lord royalty, including, of course, Da GMOAT, Robert Bain, Da Carcass Catcher from Kona, Shane Dorian, Da Raging Bull, Mark Occhilupo, Da Snorkoss, Joel ‘Leslie’ Parkinson, Two-Time World Champion Tommy Carroll, and Brad ‘Gerr Alert’ Gerlach.

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Danny Johnson