Vaughano’s in da island’s brah! So who did Jed get to sit in with him and Sprinkle Salad on the latest episode of Ain’t That Swell? You already know because you read the headline, stop playing dumb, it doesn’t look good on you. Be all you can be.

Ain’t That Swell is graced with presence of an emerging supernova in the surf literati scene, none other than the nameless, faceless, core-lord himself, SURFCORE2001.

A product of the Wollumbin-Caldera, that takes in such tapered sand-spits as the Superbank and talents such as Joel Parkinson, Mick Fanning, and Jay Phillips, Surfcore2001 is steeped in core lineage but, as you’ll hear, maintains the energy and quick-wittedness of his youth.

In this episode you will enjoy a live reading by Surfcore2001 along with his unique analysis of all things core-related.

Joining in, as per usual, is the anarcho-commie-surf-fascist and two-time gold cone piece award winning surf journalist, Smivvy, along with the Wet Lettuce, Danny Jonson.

On the agenda, a Hawaii season to remember, the Swellian political party takes shape, Paul Fisher’s grammy nomination and double-jap’s eye, Swellian of the Year Awards, Shout Outs, Over or Under, Ask Us a Question, Jed’s Angry, and much much more.

Also before you get stuck in check out the dates for the live tour that you must not miss! HERE

Danny Johnson