CROUCH. Verb. To bend your knees and lower yourself so that you are close to the ground and leaning forward slightly

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Ever noticed how limber the best tube riders are? Even Jamie O’Brien going through a chubby phase can go hyper nimble compress mode and weave tunnels like a complete mad dawg. And you know he’s not skulling Reb Bulls and walking into a yoga class, ever. I don’t know if Asher Pacey does yoga, but I do know he’s recently become a bee keeper which is some free Asher Pacey trivia for you. And apparently bee populations are on the fritz world wide so Asher’s doing a great thing… for the bees, and all the flowers, and the people who like honey.

A quick google to explore further and “Bee numbers are falling across the world. There isn’t one single cause to blame but there are three significant threats that stand out: pesticides, the varroa mite and habitat loss.”  So there you have it. In closing. Asher Pacer: Sick tube rider, unconfirmed yogi, bee hero and Jamie O a bit chubby sometimes yet still flexible. Film by Tyson Lloyd


Danny Johnson