I don’t really see much funny stuff at the beach. Barely even get a chuckle of the surf dorks I most often surf with. Mad-Dogue on the other hand, the Zion wetsuits mastermind and filmer guy that’s responsible for the vid below, is snapping up gold left and right. How does he get the exact moment some lord rips his helmet off to reveal a sexy pony tail? Is he just filming everything all the time? Probably I guess. Will he eventually save Homer in court with the Gummy D Milo footage?

Here’s the his blurb:

Recent low barometric pressure energy sent a specimen shockwave across our northern shores. Leaving no sandy right point unsquat and no stony headland untrod, their lust for life & loiter only gaining energy as the days went by. With unprecedented vigour they battered the coast relentlessly leaving Z dude Asher Pacey to flee his land and seek refuge in the ocean.

Here’s his vid:

Danny Johnson