Aussie Single

The editor of this magazine has been giving me non-stop, relentless shit over the past 7 years for “always reviewing the same sounding Melbourne bands”, which is pretty rich coming from a guy who has listened to one new album in the past five years (Beck’s 2014 Album of The Year Grammy winning, Morning Phase, which he then played relentlessly every deadline for the next 12 months). It’s a statement that isn’t true, and I resent it, but that said… check out this great new Australian band out of Melbourne with that same sounding dole wave slacker sound! S.M. Jenkins – made up of members from Step Panther, Big Scary, and Dumb Punts – have released an absolute ripper with their latest single “High Beamin”, which would make a beautiful closer to an indie film, or a Kai Neville’s next surf flick. –

Mike Jennings