On the cover: Lee Wilson at Rizal's Left, by Tommy Schultz

Out Now: The Best Indo Surf Stories Ever Told


SW 397: The Best Indo Surf Stories Ever Told

With Indo’s peak season just around the bend, why not treat yourself to a little slice of paradise from the best surf magazine in the history of everything? It’s the Indo Edition! Featuring Alex Knost, Jarrad Mell, Craig Anderson, Ryan Burch, Ozzie Wright, Bryce Young, Rizal Tanjung and loads more swinging into the tropical dream. Complete with stories from Sean Doherty, Nick Carroll, Jamie Brisick and Danny Johnson, prepare yourself for a wild adventure of discovery, mishaps, myth and legends guaranteed to get your froth bubbling! Here’s what SW Editor Vaughan Blakey had to say…

“Indonesia is a place of so many legends. From Steve Cooney’s first wave at Ulus in Morning of the Earth to Peter Crawford’s mythical 30-second barrel at Desert Point that saw him walk in, throw his board on the sand and quit surfing for three years (“It will never get better than that!” he’s believed to have said). There’s Boyum and Lopez at G-land, the tsunamis, the endless discoveries, the performance leaps, the fantastic and the disastrous. But inevitably the best Indo surf stories ever told are the ones you share when you get home.” – Vaughan Blakey


Tai “Buddha” Graham has lived in Bali for 15 years but has been surfing the entire Indonesian Archipelago since he was a little grom. Few know what jewels fire into life when the swell starts to throb and truth be told, the whole point of this story was to run heaps of photos of Buddha getting pitted so that he might open his vault of surf knowledge and help us all get fricken pitted off our dials as well! (Oh, and to score free beers at Single Fin and the Lawn next time we’re over there too).


One need not struggle when finding commonalities between the Indonesian surf adventure and the tripdytch of oil paintings known as the Garden of Earthly Delights by Netherlandish artist Hieronymus Bosch. But in fact, that has nothing to do with these eight short stories that capture the ridiculous, sublime, treacherous and always magical adventures when exploring a surfing paradise.


When he scored the cover of Surfing magazine with the wave of the winter at Pipeline, Rizal Tandjung made the world take notice that yeah, Indonesia had surf legends galore and there were a heap more on the way. We caught up with the legend to wrap on everything from religion, over-development, pollution, fatherhood, the next Indonesian wave of surfing talent and those rare zones where one might tap into some Bali magic.


Ryan Burch, Alex Knost, Ozzie Wright, Bryce Young, Jared Mell, Craig Anderson. Six freewheeling minds of Electric Kool Aid Acid Test proportions dump the bus in San Fran and dip their blotters, bobbers and sinkers into the Ments lysergic. The result will be a film by artisan Thomas Campbell, but in the meantime we took the opportunity to ask the guys about Indo, style, imagination, lines and most important of all… SURFBOARDS!


The minute Wet Lettuce Johnson scored a free boat trip to remote Indo was the minute he hung up the famous suit, tie and palm leaf of popular surf vlog Weak Wrap and went tra-la-la-ing off to be a pretend pro surfer. But there was a problem. Danny isn’t very good at surfing, or life for that matter. Luckily he had five new dad’s press his pursed lips to their hairy bosoms and he’s been suckling away ever since.

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