Bethany Hamilton Is My Hero – My Bikini, Bali Episode 3

“I need to get in it before I start looking at that, right? I look at the exit before I even get on the wave.”

Would you have a look at the tuberiding of Bethany Hamilton in this episode of My Bikini, Bali, particularly from the 6.45 mark. Sure, it’s not huge, but look at the way she rides the foamball without a trailing arm to grab the face and balance her.Look at the way she drags her front arm back at the 7.20 mark, making for one of the most stylish tube stances seen in yonks. She’s a bloody hero. That’s not it either, there is some absolute ripping going down at Uluwatu in this clip, and it’s fun the whole through, making episode 3 of My Bikini Bali is the best yet in what’s been a surprisingly delightful web series, a contender for the best web series going at the moment. Watch it. Then go back and watch the previous two.

Watch Episode 2 here.

Watch Episode 1 here.

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