Biff Makes Cool Art

Our old mate Brent Biffy Brentano, duh!

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We all know Biff was the bad guy in Back To The Future, but did you know when he wasn’t knuckling George McFly’s skull or trying to grope Marty’s Mum he was busy making cool art? And you might have copped some because he’s been involved with surfing for quite some time, with Mambo, with Surfing Life, with Tracks and now with the mag to rule them all, SW. You can scoll below to checkout his extra gooey octopus masthead from this months mag! As you can see, Biffy’s got insane chops with illustration, painting, graphic design and murals and doesn’t mind smashing the odd lip to pieces with a wicked backside vert. Scope more of his works on the internet thingy –

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