Scope The Search: engulfed by the longest, deepest vacuum in the galaxy! Recent rumours spoke of shifting space dust at the best lefthander on our planet. But this galactic myth was laid to rest on the burning dunes that looks over 2.1 clicks of evidently groomed perfection…

Planet goofy. (Grambeau)

Enter Louie Hynd, Tim Bisso and Gearoid McDaid, the three space cadets from Rip Curl who wasted no time sliding down craters, giving us a 5 minute and 45 second vision to behold. However as the young searchers discovered, the wave does indeed have a score to settle with space travellers. We’ll allow Tim Bisso to explain..

“The first wave I dropped into I basically broke half my nose. I was right in front of Ted and Paul Daniel, our videographer. I dropped in, way too late, I landed on my feet and then the lip came straight onto my head. I slammed into the sand and dislocated my right shoulder, while extending a few ligaments in the other.”

For the portal, comes the price. A space mirage? We think not! Click ahead for a new lesson in light speed.

Full story in SW #389 out soon!

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