A Brief Encounter With Otis Carey


Otis Carey came down to the House with Ozzie Wright. They stayed for two days and two nights, surfed, partied, surfed, partied and then went home. We sat with Oat for a five minute chat about random wonderful nothings…

SW: What’s the silliest thing you’ve ever spent a buck on?
OC: $900 Prada phone.

What was the motivation there?
I’m a bit of a diva, I like all that fashion bullshit. I’ve still got the phone. It still works, that thing lasted forever.

Yeah sick, give us a buzz sometime.
Ok yeah, I’ll ring you…

Have you ever been to Milan?
Na but I’ve walked in fashion week before.

Is that pretty weird?
Na. I don’t really care about that shit. But you should have seen the people backstage dude it was disgusting. Just bloggers and all that bullshit. 50 paparazzis outside, just real dumb.

What’s the dodgiest mode of transport you’ve ever copped?
From West Sumbawa to the Ferry, it was 1am in the morning and our bus broke down. We had to hire a dump truck to take all our gear, because we had so much stuff. Like seven boardbags, and five photographers, so you can imagine how much gear, it was hell. 15 of us piled into the back of the truck with all the gear. My tailbone is still sore from being scrunched up in the tray going over bumps. Ethan Ewing fell asleep on me. It wasn’t comfortable. We got to the airport at 3am, and our flight wasn’t until 7am but it was all worth it.

If you had to cop a top 44 surfer as a housemate, who would it be?
I just spent two weeks with Jack Freestone, he’s a chiller, so I’d have to say him.

Talk us through your worst injury?
Dislocated shoulder in Peru. It lasted three hours.

I was telling Johnnsy today, and he said “mate that’s one of the heaviest things I’ve ever heard.” I was crying by the 2 hour mark. It took me a couple of days to come back from it.

What was your first reaction?
I didn’t know I dislocated it. Because I landed real weird after doing this air reverse into the flats. I landed real weird, like my armpit hit the water and popped it out. It felt like a cramp. I was trying to paddle and my arm wouldn’t work. And I started freaking. I was trying to duckdive with my arm falling off the board and it was 6 to 8 foot. I probably shouldn’t have been doing airs. I had to get a jetski to come get me. I was surfing for Australia at the ISA games, this was right after my heat.

Who’s the strangest person you’ve ever lived with?
Rad Dan. Weirdest person ever, but he’s also the best person ever.

What’s his routine?
Mate he’s up at 4am, works out, goes for a jog.

Really? He’s a fitness freak?
Have you seen that bloke with no shirt on? Full shredded! He’s a qualified personal trainer too.

How funny.
He’s the best person to have a beer with in the whole world.

What’s his trademark move?
The smokebomb. You’ll go out with him and he’ll just disappear, and I have no idea why. I’ll be like “dude why didn’t you let me know you were going home?” And he’ll go for a walk outside and randomly decide to bomb it.

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