This year Chalky returned to surfing from one of the gnarliest leg injuries imaginable, and proceeded to get funnelled off his face during the Cyclone Gita swell last month! And if this shot of him at Cape Solander is any kind of yard stick, it's safe to say he hasn't got his fix yet. Watch this space. (Bailey Jones)

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Ever Wondered What Makes Mark Mathews Tick?

The Chalk talks about five pivotal moments that changed his life!

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Did you know? The year before he qualified for the WSL Championship Tour Connor O’Leary was still volunteering at Surfing NSW events helping to set up and pack down the contest site. (Miller)

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We Play Hypotheticals With Connor O’Leary

What would happen if the 2017 Rookie Of The Year was Kelly Slater for a day?

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Nothing goes this fast. Not the Flash, not Speedy Gonzales, not Usain Bolt, not a bike with toilet roll rockets attached to it... Nothing. DH at J-Bay. (Van Gysen)

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Derek Hynd And The Key To Invention

“Wiring these boards brought on the feeling of more potential”

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In the shadows of the bight the Wash lads share a post tour rinse. Bug, Candy, Ean. (SA RIPS)

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Lust For Life: The Creed McTaggart Interview

We sit down with your man on the cover to discuss life, bands and hanging with Iggy Pop

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