South West France lives up to its reputation

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Post by Osca Long
The South West of France in Autumn is something everyone should experience. The madness of the European Summer has left town, and is replaced with a romance that sees people getting drunk on red wine at 10 in the morning, developing unhealthy obsessions with patisseries and tucking into groomed A Frame beach breaks.
The backpacking beach crowds are replaced with an abundance of surfers, all trying to get a slice of the treasure. But for those willing to walk over the sand dunes, and dodge a few old blokes sun baking in the nude, you’ll find empty tunnels as far as the eye can see.¬†Dion Agius, Chippa Wilson, Jay Davies and the boys from Wasted Talent mag, bunkered down in a cabin up in the dunes for a weeks and gorged themselves on the fruits of the Atlantic coast.


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