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Cleaning Up the Beaches

One little Mr Soy Fishy at a time

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You know what sucks? Paddling out for a surf and touching a slimy piece of plastic. “Yucky!” you think. And scooping your way through fistfuls of plastic water bottles, straws, coffee lids and those heinous little fish shaped soy sauce containers? The worst! They’re not even real fish, those soy sauce containers. You’re fooling no-one, Little Mr Soy Fishy!

We could all do a little more to join the fight for our beaches against the treachery of Little Mr Soy Fishy. It’s cool then that the crew at Modom Surf have aligned with Aussie charity Take 3 with an aim to rid our oceans of plastic. The core message of Take 3 is to encourage everyone to pick up three pieces of rubbish every time we hit the beach. Easy.

“Plastic pollution is devastating our oceans,” explains Tim Silverwood, founder of Take 3. “It’s increasingly evident that reducing the problem will require efforts from a broad range of [people].”

Together, Modom Surf and Take 3 have collaborated to bring out the Take 3 Traction Pad, and for every single one of them sold Modom Surf will be donating $3 to the Take 3 crew. Modom have also committed to redesigning their packaging to eliminate plastics where they can. “This is something that all of us here at Modom are super passionate about,” says Modom Surf founder Jack Perry. “Eliminating plastics from our packaging and donating to Take 3 was a no brainer.

“The more we can do to raise awareness of the amount of plastic pollution ending up in the ocean, the better.”

You can do your bit by chipping in and grabbing some rubbish next time you’re on the beach, and by supporting Modom Surf and Take 3.

As for Little Mr Little Soy Fishy… your days are numbered little man.

This article was made in collaboration of the good people at Modom Surf

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