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Cool Read: The Bikini Collective

9 out of 10!

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My Dad (SW Editor At Large Sean Doherty), gave me this book to read and asked if I wanted to do a review for Surfing World. Of course I said yes, as Surfing World is my favourite surfing magazine (my Dad works for them – lol). The Bikini Collective was written by Kate McMahon, who my dad tells me used to edit Waves Surf Girl and the Triple J magazine, so she knows about surfing and she knows how to write for young people. The Bikini Collective is about a 15-year-old girl named Jaspa and her friends, Mel and Carolyn. Jaspa is a really good surfer, good enough to qualify for the world tour, but she doesn’t like the pressure and just wants to go surfing instead. In that way she is kind of like Mason Ho (who I got to hang with when Dad interviewed him and is the funniest and nicest pro surfer I’ve ever met). What I really liked about the book is how realistic the kids’ lives seem. I can totally relate to them. All the kids want to go surfing and spend all their time at the beach, which is kind of like what everyone does here in Torquay. It reminded me a lot of living in a town like this. I also like the storyline of the book because the background is set around big surf contests. Every Easter I get to hang out at Bells for the surf comp and reading this book reminded me of being there, and the crazy atmosphere around it. This book is a good read for girls my age who are into surfing. I’m sure all young girls who surf can relate to Jaspa in many ways, and this book is so inspirational as it is about a 15-year-old girl trying to qualify for the world tour. If you like the movie First Love then you will 100 per cent love reading this book. It’s just like First Love as the three best friends are the main characters and their ambitions are see where surfing can take them. I definitely recommend this book. I give it a 9 out of 10. – Lux Kolarik-Doherty


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