Knost and E-cat know.

All Cylinders Firing At The Veedub Kombi Rally!

As Part Of Riders Week At Manly’s Hotel Steyne

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There’s no mystery why the Volkswagen Kombi is best surf machine on the planet. When you consider us lemonheads have been using these vans to cart boards, wetties, mutts, beers and mattresses since the dawn of time it makes perfect sense!

Think about it… any given summer these stoke coaches are cruising the highway on their annual pilgrimage into the wild blue yonder of our Australian coastline, because we’ve trusted their quality engineered motors with our wildest adventures since Duke Kahanamoku stroked into his first curl at Freshie beach! You can bet your last buck these modern marvels of European sophistication and sunburnt experience will be purring like jungle cats long after idle playthings like smartphones have cooked themselves inside out and are rendered completely obsolete. That’s ’cause Kombi vans are built to last, they run off the whiff of an oily rag and will always be the surfer’s vehicle of choice for a smooth ride. They’re iconic! They’re classic! They’re beaut!

Not convinced of their froth conjuring powers? Well did you know VW have named half their fleet after the ocean? It’s true! The VW Golf is named after the Gulf Stream and Passat in German means trade winds. Scirocco is a north breeze that blows over the Mediterranean sea and Jetta is short for jetstream. There you have it, Veedub and their grand ol’ Kombi have been part of our cultural bedrock since way back when! Which is why you’d be a full blown hodad to miss Riders Week at the Hotel Steyne, Feb 28- March 4, with the Kombi Rally on Saturday March 3. Now get this, there’s also gonna be major prize giveaways, art installations, skate comps and a spectacular array of flared collar shirts. Oooowwweee!

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