Death Roll On The New Track From Crocodylus!


Oh hey! Have you heard Crocs? Not to be confused with spongey clog footwear – Crocs are a most excellent band from SW’s own backyard on the Northern Beaches. Crocs rule so much I’m actually wearing a pair right now while I spin around in my wheelie chair pretending to do work but really just thrashing my neck to their new tune! The song is called ‘My Love‘ from their soon to be released album and even though I’ll be stiffer than a crash test dummy tomorrow, it’s an absolute cracker! It builds up with an infectious toe-tap and next thing you know this song has you doing death-rolls all over the dancefloor/parents living room/pretend office. Now if you’re not familiar with Crocodylus, here’s what you need to know… There’s three of ’em, Josh, Steve & Mikel. They play multiple instruments (shredders!) and if you see them live they might actually blow your head off. In fact, the Crocs play so damn good they got asked to support two of our fave surfy bands of alltime – The Ruminaters and Skeggs – on regional tours, and both times they tore the roof off the sucker! So when a band like Crocs catches fire, SW listens. We decided to catch up with their low-end varmint, Josh Williams on the new release and what’s next for Crocodylus

SW: Righto Josh, tell us about your first taste of life on tour… Did it live up to expectation or was it just huffing farts in a very small (and tightly packed) car?
Josh: Haha na it was awesome! The best show was supporting Skegss at San Remo. The venue was sold out, we walked on stage and the speakers were blasting this Beastie Boys tune. People were screaming our name and that’s something I’d never experienced before. Pretty weird but it was sick!

Ok but back to the farts. Whose are worse… Toby Cregan from Skegss or Pencil from The Ruminaters?
Oh man that’s a tough one! I mean they’re both the biggest gas lords, but I’d have to say Pencil wins. That tour was an experience that’s for sure. The Ruminaters sound real good but they smell real bad.

Ha! Ok so what’s it like seeing a mates band like Rumis or Skegss blow up on the scene? Does it inspire you?
Yeah in a way. I used to be fully obsessed with Skegss… then I kinda went off them. Then they invited us on tour and I got straight back into them haha! Na both those bands are amazing, they’re our mates and it’s been really special to have the chance to connect with likeminded people and get to know them. The one thing these guys have in common is they know how to have fun, they do it properly hey. I dunno if that comes from playing heaps of shows or what, but they’re writing songs people want to hear and it’s a real cool experience to watch them play live. It’s inspiring for sure! These are bands that started out in little pubs and stuff, same as us, and now they’re playing big festivals, and running their own tours – it’s so sick! We fan out on our mates bands for sure haha!

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Tell me about your bandmates. Steve Sacco, on guitar. Can you sum him up in a sentence?
Stone Cold Steve Sacco. He’ll go from a mild-mannered, quiet individual into the rowdiest human in the pub!

And what about Mikel?
The Venezuluan dream. Such an unbelievable drummer. He makes it spicy.

Your great gig in the sky… if you could play any show, from anytime in history what would it be?
It’d have to be The Beatles last show on the roof top.

Excellent choice. And who plays what?
I’d be Paul on that little Hofner, that thing is sick!

There’s definitely some Beatle juice on your new track, is that something that consciously happened?
I guess it’s just part of that 60’s sound. We actually demo’d a bunch of these songs at Pencils setup, and he’s pretty good on the old doo-woop harmony side of things, so I dunno, maybe? I mean we’re always listening to 60’s garage bands like The Kinks and The Who. But more recently we’ve been getting into 70’s punk stuff like The Ramones live albums. That’s a huge one for us.

What’s the single weirdest item Pencil keeps in his studio? 
He’s got this big signed picture of some country music singer. I don’t know who it is, but it’s pretty comical.

Split the difference for me. What are you guys doing different from other bands in the fuzzy old world of rock ‘n roll? 
Well I think someone like Skegss really nail pop melodies and hooks. Their lyrics just makes you wanna jump around and have a hell time – but we’re doing it our own way. We’ve been putting our energy into writing about life experiences, girls, big nights out, all that. Especially with our new stuff.

Cool. The new track, ‘My Love’, what’s that one about?
Invisible love. It’s something that just came from listening to 60’s garage bands. It’s about another failed relationship with another non-existent girl.

Love it! Can’t wait to hear it live! Where can people see ya play?
We’re doing the launch tour in May. Come spill some beers!

Hugh Wyllie