Dusty Payne in Pipemasters mode, at the break that left him hospitalised earlier today. (WSL)

Dusty Payne Breaks Jaw At Pipeline

Soup for one on the North Shore.

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If there’s one thing the Banzai Pipeline is known for, it’s a list of casualties longer than the Kam Highway.

And joining this impressive compilation of elite chargers, we now have Maui’s Dusty Payne, who reportedly came unstuck at the infamous reef slab earlier today.

Reports indicate Dusty may have broken his jaw during a harrowing wipeout, who after being found unconscious by Keoki Saguibo was resuscitated on the beach.

According to photographer Tom Carey, who witnessed the wipeout unfold, the injury came after Dusty dropped late into a 6-8 foot bomb, “he (Dusty) kind of fell funny and it looked like he might have gotten sucked over the falls and hit his head on the reef.”

“They got him to the beach, revived him and got him breathing. He was yelling in pain when he came to, which was a good sign. He was breathing. It was a pretty bloody scene. I’m just glad he’s alive,” says Tom.

Our thoughts go out to Dusty and his family for a speedy recovery.

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