Weak Wrap: Could This Be The End of Surfing As We Know it?

Yes it couldn’t.

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I spent $20 bucks on lunch just before and that’s $10 more than I normally spend. If you have the skills and time to do the maths you’ll realise that’s a 200% increase. Or a 100% increase maybe… not sure how to say it. Anyways all arrows point to me being a rich fat cat playboy with money to burn. I ate it at the beach (a rich guy thing to do) and bumped into my friend Hughie as he got out of the surf. Then I remembered yesterday when I was surfing with Hughie and I dropped in on him on the second best wave of the day. At the time I didn’t think he was going to make it but after that wave I was paddling back out and got the guilts. What if I was wrong and he was actually going fast enough? We weren’t Surfing Kelly’s wave pool either, it was just a regular ocean surf spot, so there wouldn’t be another one exactly and boringly the same that he could catch. I figured to even it out, I’d buy Hughie lunch after the surf. When I made it out the back I apologised to Hugh but he said he wasn’t going to make it so not to worry. So I didn’t buy Hughie lunch. In a weird way Hughie paid for today’s expensive lunch and then had to watch me eat it while he stood there in his wetsuit.

Danny Johnson