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Watch Now: Exclusive Wave Pool Discussion With Nick & Tom Carroll, Greg Webber & Rob Bain

Midnight in the wave pool of good and evil

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SW Fireside Chat Part 1: Back in November Nick Carroll, Sean Doherty, Vaughan Blakey, Derek Rielly and a heap of other surf writers and media types were invited by the WSL to come and shred the Surf Ranch (also known as Kelly Slater’s Wave Pool) over in Lemoore, California. The stories and images appeared everywhere soon after… except that they didn’t! You see all those media dudes had to sign a press embargo promising not to tell any secrets from their time at the ranch until, you guessed it… TODAY! So instead of having to read lame-o words by some of surfing’s greatest writers (and Vaughan) we decided to kick off this first in a new series of chats known as SW Campfire Conversations with a round table Surf Ranch discussion including stuff about: the wave pool itself, the science behind the swells, reasons for the embargoes, what the CT event in September might look like, is the barrel any good and recalling classic yarns from the one and only CT ever held in a pool back in Pennsylvannia 1985 (won by little Tommy!). It’s an all-star panel talking a whole bunch of guff and you can watch it here right now.

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