For Your Sunburn

Albe Falzon reccommends: Unburn

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“No fun, sunburn, no fun.” Pretty sure those were the lyrics the Stooges were singing back in 1969, and it rings just as true today as it did back then. Good thing then we have this super magical remedy called Unburn recommended to us by Albe Falzon. Albe Falzon, the legend of Australian surfing who made the most important document in our history – the surf film Morning of the Earth – he’s a pillar of spiritual surf wisdom, and so when he chooses to speak, we choose to listen. This is what he said about this miracle product, “I’m taking the liberty of sending you Unburn, a totally magic, instant remover of sunburn and just about every other external irritation. Whilst I’m not in the habit of endorsing products as most are pretty sub-standard and full of assorted poisons, this is a totally natural solution from ‘Mother Earth’, also been known to work on irritable surfers – one good splash down and they give you the best waves in the water. It’s amazing, definitely the best protector I’ve used.” So that’s that then.

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