“It was as real as a surf trip could get. A magazine, an album and feature film rolled into one. There was no expectation on who could actually play or who was bringing in songs. All we knew was that there are a bunch of kids out there who surf incredibly well and are also in bands. The potential for failure? Immense. The great rock and roll surf experiment was on, but we had no idea just how scary good it was going to be. Leave your inhibitions at the door and share the journey with us.”
Vaughan Blakey

Check-won-tew… yep it’s on. (Macfarlane)

Featuring: Creed McTaggart, Beau Foster, Ellis Ericson, Wade Goodall, Hoyo, Ozzie Wright, Otis Carey, Dane Reynolds, Warren Smith, Austyn Gillette, Garrett Parkes, Duncan Mcnicol, Harry Bryant, Dimity Stoyle, Jake Vincent, Jaleesa Vincent, Asher Wales, Kai Otton, Russell Bierke, Shaun Cansdell, Shaun Manners, Terry Richardson, Kael Walsh, Rubie Reents, Billy Flemming, Jimmy Punt, Ruby Fields, Andrew Johns and loads more.

Collective energy. (Brunton)
Wash session. (Brunton)

SW #390: Scary Good – Out Thursday.

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