GIF DROP: 7 Endless Summer GIFS

Bruce Brown classics for the group chat.

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The Dooley – a weekly podcast run by two idiots at Surfing World – is putting out an episode dedicated to the timeless Bruce Brown classic, Endless Summer, this week, and in the process I’m going a tad Endless Summer mental. As I walk around the home I can hear Bruce narrating my life. When a stranger walks past, the voice in my head goes up an octave and says, “Hey there Charlie…” It’s fine, kinda fun actually. But did you know that if you type “Endless Summer GIFS” into Google and hit enter, you’re served a whole bunch of Lana Del Ray stuff? Figured we’d fix that a little bit and rip together a few GIFS, but with the most important part of the movie included as captions too – Bruce Brown’s voice over.


Mike Jennings