GIF Drop: Jordy Smith’s Best Claims of All Time


Just like when Kelly Slater dropped the first footage of his wave pool back in 2015 and overshadowed the significant event of Adriano de Souza’s World Title, the wave pool at Lame-oore (see what I did there? I called it lame, haaaaa!) has again distracted us from the biggest thing to happen in surfing this year: Jordy Smith’s entry into the greatest claim of all time!

Wolverine? Teenage Ninja Turtles? Whatever it was Jordy did in his quarterfinal heat at Trestles a couple of days ago, it was greatness. In fact, Jordy has been the king of audacious claims for years now. At first they were gross, but like anything a little irksome, if you continue doing it for long enough, eventually they will be celebrated. And so here we are, celebrating the legend-status levels of the claims of Jordy Smith. The best part? You can paddle out into one foot close-outs and copy these any time you go surfing. Yes! And personally, I’ll be dropping that bow claim gif into the group message anytime I make a bad joke from here on in…

The Bow:

The Bow

The Write The Cheque:

The Write The Cheque

The Are You Not Entertained:

The Are You Not Entertained?

The Geel Piet 5:

The Geel Piet 8

The Bell Ringer:

The Bell Ringer

And, of course, his latest and greatest…

The Ninja Turtle:

The Ninja Turtle
Mike Jennings