Going Out in Style: The Parko Tribute Issue Now on Sale

“Hawaii is competitive surfing’s Everest. There’s a true surfing warrior spirit there. It’s a place where I’d love to touch the sand as a competitive surfer for the last time.”

Joel Parkinson officially strides towards the finish line… and we release our special tribute issue.

Featuring a collection of ingloriously great Joel Parkinson stories and a photo essay of the world’s easiest surfer, this is a must have for anyone. It’s deadset worth it for the stories from Mick and Dingo alone.

As for what’s next? Parko explains: “I know it’s probably bad to say this, but I don’t care for improving my surfing right now. I want to get as tubed as I can, but I’ve tried to improve my surfing for 20 years and it’s hard work… I have no interest in being better, I want to feel better.”


Buy your copy now, right here.

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