Moth man goes velvet on the 7’0” Fitzy Twin. (Brunton)

Tonight Belongs To Goth Moth

People think making stuff is hard, but it’s easy! All you have to do is start. That’s the whole reason I began doing this column, to encourage all of you who want to make stuff to give it a go. Remember when we made the chocolate and banana Slayer cake? Or what about when we shaped and glassed and surfed a surfboard in 25 minutes? Do you remember when we made Stevie Wonder Woman? All that stuff started out as an idea and only became real once we started making it. So this issue I’m putting making stuff to the test. I want you to make some stuff and if it’s stuff I like, we’ll run it right here in Surfing World and I’ll sling you a Volcom pack and an original artwork that I made just from thinking about drawing stuff. What are you going to make? A music? An art? A rainbow skid on your BMX? It can literally be whatever you like, so long as YOU MAKE IT! All you have to do is take a photo of your creation, chuck it on a social platform and add the #ozzywrongstuff and I’ll pick a winner from there. In the meantime enjoy this Goth Moth song I’ve made from the new Goons of Doom album I’m also in the process of making while staring at this Goth Moth painting which – once again – I made. See! Easy!

Goth Moth by Ozzie Wright.

Goth moth flies around at night
Doing whatever the fuck she likes
She’s half human and part moth
She full female and full goth
She don’t drink expensive cocktail
She don’t date exclusively males
She’s the goth moth
Enjoys the odd sixty niner
She’s got tattoos on her vagina
She don’t care for pretty sunsets
Prefers to drink and smoke cigarettes
She’s got four arms, she’s got four tits
She’s got a chainsaw to gut you to bits
She’s the goth moth
Happy music makes her mad
She only likes things angry and sad
She thinks babies have got rabies
And cute puppies drive her crazy
She’s got four arms, she’s got four tits
She’s got a chainsaw to gut you to bits
Cos she’s the goth moth.

Ozzie Wright