Rip Curl Cup on hold ’til next Wednesday.

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Did you know that dragons snu? I didn’t. I didn’t even know dragons had eyelids. But this morning the Green Dragon (aka: Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang) was as snu as snu can be. Probably dreaming of damsels to munch on or flocks of little monkeys to incinerate. The tagline for the Rip Curl Cup is “It’s on when it’s on!” and this morning it wasn’t on because the swell that was predicted to turn up decided to bypass the Bukit and head north to the Maldives instead. Bye swell, you big jerk. Anyway, rumour has it another big swell might hit next Wednesday, so tune back in and maybe our Green Dragon friend will roar to life. Did we tell you Bruce Irons, Ryan Burch and Riz Tandjung will be surfing in the comp? Reason enough to set your alarms.

Vaughan Blakey