Remember that wave that was so good they had to name it twice? Kevin I think it was called. Well there’s another wave in Indo that’s even better than Kev Kev, it’s called Padang Padang and it’s looking likely that Rip Curl’s tube pig conny The Padang Padang Cup could very well be held there tomoz thanks to a beefy long period south west swell filling in late this arvo and pumping all through Thursday.

Local slayer Garut Widiarta pokes the sword. (Rip Curl)

Only 16 dudes go in the comp, eight of them local shred dogs, eight of them blow-ins from all over the world (Marzo, JOB, Mase, Ozzy Wrong etc…) and if things go well, we’ll be seeing double overhead inside bowl doubling up and spewing them all into channel.

Dragon’s lair. (Rip Curl)

Tides are good for an early start (6am call) and you can watch it live here! SW Editor Vaughan Blakey will be calling every moment with his old pig hunting mate Dave Wassel. Blood bros and Bagus times.

Vaughan Blakey