Heaps Of Stuff Went Down At The Volcom Pipe Pro Yesterday

But only one thing gave us goosebumps

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Did you catch the Volcom Pipe Pro yesterday? Man it was awesome. So much happened. So very much. The surf was pumping for one thing. The freshly crowned Junior World Champ Finn McGill scored the first 10 of the comp for another. Matt Bemrose joined the commentary team and made us laugh with his perfectly man-scaped facial hair. And late in the afternoon, just after the conny was done for the day, Kelly Slater and John John Florence traded filthy mega-hectic 10-12 foot Backdoor bombs to give us a little hint of what we can expect today and tomorrow with a tonne more swell on the way. But of all the shiz that went down on day two of the world’s best Quewie, the one moment that gave us chills was seeing 1993 World Champ and Pipe Master Derek Ho turn back the clock with a chip shot freefall-to-stand-up in the belly of a dead-set howler during the Volcom Last Chance Qualifier heat. Yeah Jamie O’Brien ended up smoking him to claim the very last vacant spot in the draw, but for me, Uncle Derek’s was the wave the day. To heck with the critical analysis of the ride, I’m old and sentimental and prone to feeling the moment. And even though I was cheering for Elko and Dave Mac back when Dek slayed em at the Pipe to claim the ’93 crown, Hawaii’s first ever, there was just no denying the brilliance of seeing an all-time Pipeline great, three years north of 50, throwing down a hammer like the one we saw yesterday. It gave me goosebumps and if he’s been sporting the trademark mo that sat like a happy caterpiller on his top lip for the best part of his pro career I probably would shed a few tears. Love live moustaches! Long live Uncle Derek! Long live the VPP! Catch more of the action here right now.

Vaughan Blakey