Jack Challis Sprays Poison!

Another Deadly Edit From Another Surfer You’ve Never Heard Of

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The underground charger is a hardy breed. Free to ride: the rules, parking stickers and nose sponsors need not apply. Feed ’em crumbs on a plate – they’ll climb a sand dune. Feed ’em baked beans on toast – they’ll outgas the Indian Pacific. These noble creatures gallop the desert like thirsty Camels looking for one thing and one thing only… big wet holes. That’s because they’re also batshit crazy. They’re the mad ones. Mad to paddle open ocean bombies all by themselves in the middle of nowhere just to keep the flies off their backs! Not because there’s a heat on the line, or a big pay cheque, or a camera aimed in their direction. No, not one of those reasons can explain their obsession… their mania. Yet somehow, it’s up to us fat, lazy surf writers to seek them out. Well this is one fat lazy surf writer (cough) who did zero research on Jack Challis! Nothing! I mean, where’s the lifestyle shots? The cheeky ten questions? The profile bio from which I gleen? Must I shovel sand to reach the subterranean level? What’s known about Jack Challis, is that he charges bloody hard, as you can tell from these West Oz sessions shot by Isaac Jones (Reelers finalist) and Shane Fletcher (bearded lord of Scary Good). But there’s also a rebel in our midst. Take a closer look, trade North Point for OTW, Bad Brains for Social Distortion, Super boards for Town & Country and you’ve got an adolescent (albeit unsponsored) Matt Archbold. Now that’s core!

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