Jack Robinson Scores Best Not 10 Ever At The Volcom Pipe Pro!

World’s Sickest Quewie Flares Yet Again

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Jack Robbo scored the best 10 that wasn’t a 10 possibly ever yesterday as the Volcom Pipe Pro continued its long tradition of being the sickest QS in the world by a million miles. Wee Jack smashed his heat easily, so missing out of the perfect score was more a letdown that any great scandal, and to be honest after another day of watching so many drainers at Pipe and Backdoor you could understand if the judges were a touch tube weary by the late arvo, but Jack deserved a maximum because he skewered the meatiest toob of the day the deepest. Am I wrong? Check the video above and make up your own mind.

Today Pipe is expected to be monstrous, really huge and really scary, and you should cancel whatever you’ve got on and watch it. You should watch Noa Deane surfing against John John Florence in the second heat of the day. You should watch Soli Bailey begin his VPP Championship defence. You should watch Mike Wright go full animal in his first heat and Mason Ho body flare 15 footers like a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance? And above all, you should watch Jack Robbo surf triple overhead classic Pipeline because his read on the place is that good he might just go on to win this thing. 10 pointers in the bag or not.

Vaughan Blakey