Jai Walsh And The New Crop

On team Afends

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It’s remarkable how much ‘Afends Country’ looks like Byron. We’re not sure if it’s the rolling greens, the warm water curls, mid-lengths in trim to the bongo beat, or perhaps somewhere, an unwashed druid blowing bubbles in our direction, but we can assure you each of these things accumulates into a technicoloured vista which never ceases to amaze. Now you may be wondering why those seed weavers at Afends would stray from the North Coast oasis, but if you’ve seen Jai Walsh pick apart his local rock shelf then the question simply answers itself. Not to mention that Afends best bud, Garrett Parkes has lived the limbo-like (we mean existence, not the hippie stick) lifestyle of Byron to Jervis and back. So it was only natural that an absolute hellcat legend like Jai would be welcomed into the fold with open palms, in much the same manner we welcomed him into the Scary Good house, where we can tell you he punched a mean axe on two of the best tracks on the album (‘Set The Bar Low’ & ‘Insomnia’) and pulling more of that bezerk Viking spin attack you’ll see above, we reckon he’ll get on just fine with the likes of Gaz and Dunc McNicol. Roll the tape!

Hugh Wyllie