Jaleesa the pocket rocket! (Macfarlane)

Jake and Jelly Bean Set The Scene!


I grew up around a super creative crew. We were always inspired by Wade (Goodall) and what he was doing with Runamuk Visuals. Those guys were the pioneers for us on the Sunny Coast, and what they did inspired us to get shit done too. We do have a lack of waves here, but for what there is on offer we completely make the most of it, of everything.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Jackson Pills, he’s a guy I grew up skating with, and if you think the surf on the Sunny Coast is bad you should see the skate parks. They’re fucken dismal, but he recently won Australian Skater of the Year, he’s on the King of the Road series, and he’s poppin’ off. He’s one of the best skaters in the world, and it’s sick to see. There’s definitely a movement and a belief in music, art, surfing, and skating that’s happening on the Sunshine Coast at the moment, and the Vinnies are in the thick of it.

I’ve known Jake and Jaleesa Vincent for as long as I can remember. Me and Jake were in the contest scene when we were young and doing all the grom comps together and surfing every single day after school.

They’ve always been the same, those two. Jaleesa and Jake have the best relationship ever, they’re best mates. They go surfing everywhere, they party together, they make music together, and it’s so sick to see a brother/sister relationship like that. I love them so much.

I guess all of us from the Sunny Coast have been firm believers of, “Do what makes you feel happy.” I don’t have a single mate at home who is in a situation where they hate their job or hate where they are at in life. Jake is a lifeguard, he lives so on the cheap, he just surfs and is the most stoked guy I’ve ever met. His band, Cloacas, are all my mates, and they’re always jamming. They inspire the shit out of me because they don’t have much, but they don’t need much either, they just take what they have and make the most out of it. They don’t wish to live in Melbourne because the music scene is better, they don’t wish they lived in WA because the waves are better; they’re happy with what they’ve got, and they make the most of it.

90 kilos of Jake Vinny in the pocket. (Macfarlane)

Jaleesa could 100 per cent be a game changer. She’s the first of her kind, in a way. There’s a middle ground in women’s surfing that is untapped and completely raw, and I think she could change the whole face of it because with women’s surfing, it’s the craziest thing, it’s fashion first – if you can sell bikinis you’re going to be making the most money, and you can make a career out of it. If you’re winning heats and can win a World Title then you can make some money out of that too, but there’s literally nothing in between, and Jaleesa is someone who is so multi-dimensional that she can fill the space between those two extremes and inspire other young girls to look to a much more fulfilling space. Jaleesa can surf comps too, she’s really good at it, but she doesn’t like doing them that much ’cause she’s not really a competitive person. She’s stunning, she rips so hard, and she’s got this punk kinda freesurf scene to her – always busting airs and shreds on the drums. It’s fucken sick!

And then Jake and Cloacas, man. They’re wild, full GG Allin style. I was there when they started the band, literally when they started playing together. My mate Luka had a shed in the back of his parents house in Noosa, they started playing gigs there and ended up getting his parents kicked out of their house. So they moved out to this farm in a place called Murdering Creek Road, where there’s nothing around, so they could play as loud as they want. They have these crazy house parties out there that are insane. They put their heads through their parents’ walls and go so hard. And how’s this, Cloacas are banned from Brisbane! They’re never allowed to play any show in Brisbane, ever. A life ban, forever. Who wants to go to Brisbane anyway?

SCARY GOOD  premieres this October with live Performances by: 
WASH + The Cloacas + Distractor (USA only)


Thursday 12 – Westside Museum, Costa Mesa, CA USA

Wednesday 18 – The Steyne, Manly, NSW (film only) – Free Entry

Thursday 19 – The Cambridge, Newcastle, NSW – BUY TICKETS

Friday 20 – Rainbow Bay SLSC, Gold Coast, QLD – BUY TICKETS

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