James McKean Is A Name You’ve Never Heard Of But Whooo-Boy Does He Have A Dig At Shippies!

Watch Him Tame The Tasmanian Double Suck

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Back in the core defining days of 2001, blokes like Mark ‘Chalky’ Matthews, Kieren ‘Contest Director’ Perrow and Drew ‘Hot Tuna’ Courtney jumped off waves the size of skyscrapers sans jetskis just for shits and giggles. They did so at a place called Shipsterns Bluff, on what was arguably some of the thickest ocean ever ridden in Australia at the time. That day left an indelible impression on James McKean as a young ‘toehead’ who was there to witness this historic session from the safety of the boat, but like any impressionable grom with a wild imagination, he would not stay on the boat for long. The main difference however, between James and your average ‘toehead’ is his ability to take a building sized set square on his metatarsal shaped noggin. See James surfs cold water double sucks like a man possessed. A man possessed by the same mania that drove three blokes to hack their way through the scrub 17 years ago. And we reckon they’re mighty proud of him.


Hugh Wyllie