Weak Wrap: Man Wrestles Shark!

Plus much more in a very special tropical edition

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Here come the words under the video that no one reads except Mike sometimes. Mike even wrote these words the other week and wrote me off in the process. Burning me about my hair or something, but I can’t remember, because there’s so much to remember these days, you know? Obama and that. So much stuff. Tell you one thing I realised today and that I hope I never forget is that I hate reggae music. Sure, there’s good reggae, Bobby Marls and that, but when’s he bringing out a new album? It’s been ages. All the rest of reggae music, like 90 per cent of it, is utter nonsense. And the lyrical content is so weak. Most reggae lyrics are about reggae itself and how good reggae is. The rest are about the fire that’s going to lift you up and other vague, uninspired and obvious garble. When you’re staying at a place that pumps nothing but the worst reggae you get a bit over it is all I’m saying. The good thing is that’s enough words so I’m off to involuntarily listen to more reggae.

Danny Johnson