At Last! You Can View ‘Listen Now, Misty Dawn’ In It’s Entirety

Kai Neville Drops 44 Mind-Bending Minutes of Team Epokhe

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ALL YE HEAR THIS!  Kai Neville’s Listen Now, Misty Dawn just entered the public domain, for freebies! 

No sign-ups. No spam. Just ham and pineapple performances from Dion Agius, Creed McTaggart, Jack Freestone, Mitch Coleborn, Nate Tyler, Brendon Gibbens, Chippa Wilson, Taj Burrow & Shaun Manners!

And we needn’t remind you this film was directed by quite possibly the most prolific creator to pull focus on 21st century surfing – Mr. Neville – who along with Dion and Mitch managed to release this film internationally, sign a swag of new shredders and still look totally unphased in those super spiffy frames.  

But the bigger question is, why are you even reading this when you could have team Epokhe blitz your thinky box for a full 44 minutes and 5 seconds?

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