Watch: Noa Deane In “Candle”

This is nothing to snuff at

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For the past week, you’ve probably seen it trickle away like hot wax, but ‘Candle’ at full length exceeds all expectation. The play button you’re about to press controls a microwave-oven gone skitz, and inside it lives Noa fucking Deane who has a bad habit of making eyeballs melt like a TV dinner! Sure, Noz just so happens to be one of the most insanely talented kids to do the freesurf thing in recent years, but let’s not forget you wouldn’t be scooping your head jellies off the floor without the filmmaking skills of Mikey Mallalieu and an assortment of class act shooters like Shane Fletcher. The cuts are fast, the soundtrack is fuzz, and the surfing? Diabolical. Which is how you find yourself in this situation – your face – about to be wiped by a bleached mop with a tree stump for a handle. Or it maybe not? Maybe Noz should just be allowed to jump kick you in the face with no explanation given? That’s why we love tables – kung fu kick ’em with your feet of fury and nobody says a word. Hit the button.

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