Locals only... whatever that means. Photo: Craig Parry.

Local Man Tells Blow-ins To Fuck Off Despite Having Only Lived In Area For Five Years

Don’t get him started on the music festival traffic

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A local man was overhead telling blow-ins and kooks to “fuck off” from a crowded North Coast NSW line-up today despite the fact he only moved to the region from metropolitan Sydney just a few short years ago. The man – who traded in his SUV for a more-consistent-with-the-area customised van complete with inbuilt bed, storage drawers and floral curtains – had been seen earlier in the day walking around the carpark also complaining about the town’s inflated real estate prices, traffic delays and music festival crowds. “It’s not like it used to be. The place is being overrun by blow-ins just so the council can get a quick cash grab. Do they consider the daily plight of us locals at all? We’re the ones who have to live here,” he said, while checking his phone and confirming a lucrative Air B&B booking for his own house over the Easter holidays. Clearly agitated by the influx of tourists in the water as well, the man is reported to have finally snapped after an up-and-coming pro from the Gold Coast scored the wave of the morning before a backpacker on a soft top got in his way ruining a pretty nice section. “I wish all youse kooks and blow-ins would just FUCK OFF!” he was heard to scream before coming in and telling his mates he also saw Chris Hemsworth in the surf and that he seems like a really good bloke.

Vaughan Blakey