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Luke Stedman’s Three Mental Things To Focus On

The next time you go surfing

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As surfers, we’re told the best way to improve our surfing is simply to surf more. But as we grow older and our joints get stiffer, we realise that more extracurricular activities are required in order to improve our surfing. While going to the gym may make us fit, it’s hard to figure out which specific exercises will make us surf better.
Luke Stedman, a former CT surfer and star of cult classic surf film Doped Youth, has begun running seminars based on Ginastica Natural, a multidimensional movement program that helps to build strength and mobility in the areas your body needs to have to surf at a high level.

Ahead of his upcoming seminar with Modern Movement (yoga studio on Sydney’s Northern Beaches), Luke has given us a few hot tips on ways you can improve your surfing in time for your next paddle at your local break.

1. Remember to breathe.
As is the case in every other sport, the way you breathe plays a massive role in your performance. Luke explains the importance of breathing, and how it can affect the way you surf, “Breathing is probably the single most important part of any exercise or movement along with posture. It’s how we breathe and what manner we breathe in that is important. If we breathe correctly through a movement or turn we can increase the power and mobility tenfold.”

2. If you feel well, you’ll surf well.
“If you listen to any post heat interview, you’ll hear the majority of winners say “I just felt I was going to win…” Feelings are so powerful and feelings will come with positive reinforcement and confidence. This all comes from what we choose to think about.”

3. Be mentally, physically and spiritually strong.
“Be mentally prepared to overcome any issue you may face, you need to have the physical strength to have good mobility and you need to be spiritually connected to the ocean. Don’t laugh, this will get you waves.”

If you want to improve your surfing and mobility, Luke will be holding a seminar in Mona Vale December 16, which he guarantees will improve your day to day life just as much as your surfing. For more information head to Modern Movement and checkout their workshops.

This story was presented in partnership with Modern Movement.

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