Mad Diss: Harry Bryant vs Jaleesa Vincent!



Written and performed by Harry Bryant, Jaleesa Vincent, James Gallagher, Paul Bianco, Hugh Wyllie.

“Battle of the bowls. Haircuts, rip bowls, skate bowls… cereal bowls. These are the things that confront us daily, and these two aren’t scared to take it on. The track is a cracker. Following the template laid down by our forefathers like The Stooges, The Scientists and The Hard-Ons. Jaleesa and Harry pick up the instruments, turn on the tape recorder and blaze away. Proficiency isn’t an issue. It’s all about the delivery, the intention and the fun factor. Creating loud music in pursuit of good times is the greatest, and managing to put it all down on tape (or maybe a hard drive..) is even greater.

This sounds so trashy and crappy it is awesome. Luckily they had one of the countries greatest musical soundsmiths twiddling the dials in Pauly Bianco, he expertly brings out all the ragged glory this tune has to offer. This song would have gone down a treat in mid ‘75 at CBGB’s. It’s punk rock / new wave / DIY immediacy sprawls through the two minutes and nine seconds of verbal abuse and lo-fi twang.

The other point that comes to mind here is that these two are are also beating each other up with words – not unlike a classic rap battle. They dis each other, and yell at each other with a ferocity that is incredible. Imagine your young female friend screaming at you to “go home and do your chores!” Even worse, “you don’t even have a mate!”

Faaarrk… heavy stuff.

But Harry fires back with with such gems as “You’re a con artist!!” and “You’re a phoney!” and regals us with tales of colouring his nordic white mustache with mascara to create a black mustachio. Presumably something Jaleesa will never be able to do…. sucker.

I love this track – it’s funny and sounds good. It has a classic lo-fi punk vibe and is peppered with new wave noisey bits. It fucken rules. I’m going to the kitchen to find a pair of scissors, a cereal bowl and cut my hair.” – Ben Brown, The Hellmenn


SCARY GOOD the album, out now on Spotify & iTunes.

SCARY GOOD premieres this October
With live performances by: 
WASH + The Cloacas 

Wednesday 18 – The Steyne
Manly, NSW (film only) – Free Entry

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Newcastle, NSW – BUY TICKETS

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Saturday 21 – Thomas Surfboards

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Bangalow, NSW – $15.00 On Door

Friday 27 – Quiksilver Bar 61,




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