How To Make A Stevie Wonder Woman Dolly

Stuff made for the sake of making stuff

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What’s the point of art? What’s the point of surfing? What are the point of dolphins? What’s the point of making a Stevie Wonder Woman dolly? What’s the point of anything? Exactly! There is no point, other than to do stuff because you can, because it makes you feel good, and maybe because it might make other people feel good too. And if doesn’t, if people hate what you do, and they cry and cry and cry about how shit your art, music, surfing, haircut, blog, clip, life, or Stevie Wonder Woman dolly is, do it anyway and make them even angrier, because then at least you’ll have a reason to do it. Maybe the only point of doing anything in the first place is to piss people off! Ah man… the sad and beautiful irony of it all.

Step 1. Concept. We don’t talk a lot of about conceptualising in Making Stuff… but maybe we should. After all, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and he’ll smell like a bucket of prawn heads for the rest of his life. The concept for my Stevie Wonder Woman dolly is nothing more than bringing to life a visual created by a play on words. I wondered what a Stevie Wonder Woman might look like, so I made it. You might wonder what an Iron Man-ta Ray might look like? Or Peeping Tom Carroll doll? It’s all about being inspired by the most inspiring people in the world today i.e. people who post inspiring quotes on Instagram. “Make your vision a reality.”

Step 2. Remember when we made Noa Deane’s Blister album cover a couple of issues back? (Did you go to bandcamp and download it yet? Do it now for mondo angst) Anyway, I took the very same Barbie from Noa’s room, ripped its head off, and used it to make Stevie Wonder Woman’s body. Making Stuff does not pollute, and I’m a huge fan of reuse, recycle, and Regurgitator, especially their first album Tu-Plang.

Step 3. Drawing the head. Look, it’s not entirely necessary to draw the head of Stevie Wonder to make a Stevie Wonder Woman dolly. You could just as easily find an appropriate photo of Stevie Wonder online, print it out, cut around the cranium, and stick it to your Barbie body. But when I was a kid I won a lot of friends by being able to draw well, so it’s kinda my go-to when I’m feeling a bit down on confidence or low on self esteem. Some people take pills, others smoke bongs, I self-medicate with pencils… and beer. Did I mention beer? Pencils and beer.

Step 4. So once you’ve stuck your Stevie Wonder Head to the body and given it the appropriate paint job, you’re pretty much done. What next? I dunno, maybe hang it from your rearview mirror or chuck it at a seagull. Seriously though, it’s not really meant to do anything other than make a few people happy and most people angry. And I’m pretty sure we’ve accomplished that here today.

Hotter than July hop.
Ozzie Wright