Make Surfing Better By Encouraging Your Lady To Gurf

Gurf for life!

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Hula Windy is easily my favourite surfer. She likes to ride whitewash in a straight line all the way to the sand. She is always the prettiest surfer in any shorey and occasionally she likes to wear big happy hats and colourful floral dresses while she trims the swells. She makes my surfing experience so much better that I thought… well, we should all encourage the women in our lives to surf, to balance out the ratio of guys to girls across the lands and kill the macho bullshit vibes that plague our line-ups. Here’s three tips to help you do just that…

Step 1. Get your girl a board. I don’t know any girl who doesn’t like presents so surprise your girl with a really cool log with a rainbow or a unicorn head or a massive yellow daisy painted on it. Then make her a vegetarian omelette. Then do the dishes. Then carry her board down to the beach. Then swim out and push her onto waves. It sounds impossible but everything I just said is as rewarding as surfing yourself… except doing the dishes which totally SUX.

Step 2. Travel. It won’t take long for your girl to get the bug, and as soon she does you should book tickets to some place exotic with gentle rollers and warm water. Byron Bay and Bali are both good options because they have totally happening gurfer scenes. That means that while your lady is out meeting new friends at the Pass or Canggu, you can go get barrelled at Lennox or Bingin. Then it’s meet back up for margaritas at Sunset followed by an early evening fight because you want to keep drinking with a bunch of transient weirdos but your girl wants to go to bed and get up for the early. Perfect!

Step 3. Start a Gurf Club. Hula Windy has a bunch of friends in Canggu who love to surf. There’s Cloudy, Chicko and Alikat to name a few. I call them the Canggu Chicks. None of them have white boards and none of them yell or get mad or think they rip over anybody else. Everywhere they go they just out-fun everyone and whenever they’re not in the water surfing kinda looks like a boring production line of dudes in lame boardies trying to be the heavy local or the hardest ripper or whatever. Surfing with the Canggu Chicks is a reminder that riding whitewash in a straight line can be the coolest surfing experience in the world. Gurf for life.

Ozzie Wright