Mick, Ace and Owen Talk Mental Health


In support of National Mental Health Week (Oct 8-14), the Dragon team have a message they want to share – if you need help, be honest.

1 in 4 young Aussies aged 12-25 experience a challenge with mental health every year and while support is available, people can often feel nervous about speaking up. “No one chooses to get a mental health disorder,” explains Mick Fanning. “We should always speak up when we feel like we’re struggling” adds Adrian Buchan.

“We should never be afraid to get help when we are battling,” says Owen Wright. “You know, when you go and break a leg you go straight to the doctor,” says Mick, while Owen finishes that it should be the same if your mental health is causing you challenges.

And when it comes to looking out for mates or family members, Mick suggests simply picking up that there might be an issue as a good first step. “You can recognise mental health disorders by the way people just change in the way they’re thinking, they’re feeling and just the way they generally act,” he says. “Being open and honest and starting a conversation – even just asking how someone feels – can go a long way.

“If someone needs a chat, five, ten minutes – or even just a text or a phone call. Just do it. It can save lives.”

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