Movie Premiere: Rage 2 Hits Sydney

And it’s free!

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Did you cop Rage 1? It was a surf move made by surfers who started their own purple deck grip, leash and hoodie co. The first film debuted at Bangaz Pub and was full skitz. Now the lads (Tobes, Candy, Bug, E, Deaney, Chun and new recruits, Jake and Jelly Bean Vinnie) have dropped a sequel and unlike so many failed double downs at the box office this thing rolls out with all the moxie of Temple of Doom, Empire Strikes Back, Judgment Day, and Sister Act 2 rolled into one. Best of all, they’re doing prems all over the joint this weekend. Don’t stop to smell the adhesive, get your head and body to the Sydney’s finest anti-establishment shiz hole The Lady Hampshire in Camperdown on April 14. Then jump around and spill beers on your best mates to the sonic attack of Pist Idiots, Wash, DJ Rad Dan. Then think about actually buying deck pad cuz the gig’s free. Rage on.

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