On the cover: Harry Bryant by John Respondek. Art by Jack Irvine,

The New Breed Has Arrived

New breed, new mag. Out now

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They have arrived. Kids with energy and enthusiasm who are up for everything and ready to go. They’re punching out, but only at negativity and fear. With the coming of age they had their passions hammered by the faceless kooks on their anonymous keyboards. Well, now they’re young adults and they’re done with all of that. They don’t care anymore. And get this… they’re absolutely stoked!

They love surfing, they love trying new shit. They love to dress how they please. They move as a unit. They travel together in old beast on dirt roads to isolated reefs. It’s the crew on the rise like Harry Bryant or Beau Foster, artist Jack Irvine or bass lord Toby Cregan. And acclaimed legends like photographer Jon Frank, or Craig or Dane or Dion or Wade. It’s genderless. It’s all in. It’s wild and electrifying freedom. Some are doing the comp thing. Cool as. Others are starting bands, or exploring art, or reading Joan Didion…

It’s all there and they’re ripping in. They’re respectful. They look you in the eye. They laugh. They’re not angry at all. On the contrary. They’re interested in history. They want to learn. They’re insatiably adventurous. They enjoy their good times, but they’re not writing themselves off (too much). They’re too amped on the next surf. The next gig. The next film. The next everything. This issue is full of them, the new breed, and a few of the heroes who inspired them. – Vaughan Blakey

The final chapter of Scary Good has more wiz chuggin’ antics than a Bear Grylls episode. Starring Dane & Ando. Shot by Jon Frank.

On the eve of a new release of ocean captures, SW senior photographer Jon Frank reflects on his life’s journey shooting the sea.

Son of Brian, Nix Nic Nooley filmer, sub blastin’ backbone of Skegss: Toby Cregan has found the perfect blend of work and play.

Read why this month’s cover artist Jack Irvine is hitting his straps!

The Bug gives a spray on America, pro surfing, money and punch ups. How’s the serenity? Never better reckons Beau Foster.

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