Illustration by Reinhard Kleist.

Into Nick Cave And Japanese Samurai Stuff?

Read a graphic novel before? They’re easy to dismiss as fantastical superhero stuff or Japanese samurai action, but the truth is that they’re as interesting and entertaining and thought provoking as any written form of literature, and they’re also really fun to look at. If you’ve never read a graphic novel before, this new one about the life and times of the dark prince of Australian music, Mr. Nick Cave might be an ideal entry point, covering from his childhood in Aus, to his early days with the Birthday Party, to the highs of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds and beyond. Like Cave’s 2014 documentary 20,000 Days On Earth, it’s a half true, half surreal journey that blurs between what’s genuine or what’s forced for the sake of art, but in the end it’s just a really rad graphic novel with great artwork. –

Mike Jennings