Occy Kicks A Ball With The Brazillian Storm

Italo, Filipe, Jadson, Yago, and Miguel on the Occ-Cast!

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Mike Jennings said it best when he called Occy an “unofficial national living treasure,” because doesn’t anything Occ related just make your soul sing? Whichever genius told him to start his own youtube vlog should be given the keys to the city, or at the very least a bright yellow t-shirt like the guests on the episode you’re about to watch. That’s right the Brazillian storm is on the couch at the Billabong Pipe house with the 1999 World Champ, not the entire storm, just enough to bring the thunder: Italo, Filipe, Jadson, Yago, and Miggy Pupo. Outstanding! Together they discuss Dad’s turned coaches, the misconceptions about South America’s greatest surfing nation (Brazil!) And then they go outside and play with a soccer ball, and tell ya what Occ’s actually half decent at kicking one. So good in fact he booted it over the fence! GOOOAAAALLLLL!

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