Old man manners’ blades

Chun takes his dad’s boards and Creed to the desert

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Post by Oscar Long

A few years ago my old man became bored with the traditional shapes he’d been surfing for the past 40 years, so he began mowing foam in the garage in an effort to learn something new and tap into the creative side of surfing that we can often lose sight of. He just recently returned from “The best Indo trip of his life” knifing nothing but his own, hand shaped boards through 10 foot mysto Sumban funnels. Anyway enough about my dad and the weird boards he makes, let’s talk about Shaun Manners dad, Mat Manners.  Chun and Creedo recently took to the desert to test a fresh batch of Mat Manners blades and boy do they look tasty! Handling everything from playful wedges to big scary desert slabs.

Danny Johnson