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By Surfing World   POSTED: 2 months ago

What’s been going on with Tyler Wright?

In July, double world champ Tyler Wright pulled out of Jeffrey’s Bay. She hasn’t competed in an event in the entire back half of 2018. In her own words, here’s what’s been happening.

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By Sean Doherty   POSTED: 2 months ago

The Quiet Messiah

John Florence and a world that won’t stop talking about him.

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By Vaughan Blakey   POSTED: 3 months ago

Ditch Maths. Go Searching.

Why this new issue of Surfing World is a magazine devoted to the 14-year-old in all of us.

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By Nick Carroll   POSTED: 3 months ago

Tragedy is how we all grow up

Momentum was a surf flick par excellence. A movie about a Moment. Momentum Generation is something more complex.

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First printed in The Surfing World, February 1963 and recreated in SW Issue 400: The Best of Surfing World

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FROM THE VAULT: Hawaiian Triumph

First published in February, 1963.

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